We decided to breed Tally again when we saw Carson at the November shows in
Columbus, OH last year.  This boy has tremendous potential with a fabulous front end
assembly, rear angles to burn and a head to die for!  Tally and Carson hit it off quite well,
let's just say, Tally threw herself at him, literally!  Mary said she had never seen a bitch act
quite like Tally.  Four natural breedings with Tally standing stock still, tail almost touching
her head.  What can I say?  She's an easy breeder!

The theme of the litter was almost the "Fast Cheap and Easy" litter, but we thought we
should be a bit more dignified than that.  The Tour De France was going on all during
Tally's pregnancy so it seemed like the perfect theme!

I was really hoping for a boy this time so I kept whispering in Carson's ear, "give me boys!"  
Let me tell you, Carson takes his orders to heart!  When we took Tally in for her x-ray, I
remember hearing the vet say in the back "OH MY GOD!  Sarah, how many puppies did you
want?"  He walked in and put the x-ray up for me to see.  There were heads and spines
everywhere!  We counted 11 bodies!  The x-ray is below, see if you can find them all!

So, back home we went and started taking Tally's temperature.  It was day 63, temp
dropped, but it was not to be so easy this second time around.  We ended up producing
one puppy around 2 am, sadly he was dead.  We then went to the vet's to induce, we got
one on the way, one more at the vet's office, one more in the van going to the other vet's
office and 8 via c-section!  A total of 12 puppies, and we ended up with 9 alive, 7 boys and
2 girls!

Let me introduce them all to you:

U-BIS UKC/AKC CH Gilnockie's LiveStrong - Tank is the pick boy from this litter.  

CH Gilnockie's SevenStrong - Seven is the pick girl and will stay here for the time being to
see how she grows.

CH Gilnockie's Sprint To The Finish, JH RN - Jabber is living up in Michigan with Ann.  
Jabber will be participating in Conformation, agility, hunting and obedience.  Gilnockie dogs
can do it all!

CH Gilnockie's Tour De Lance, JH - Lance is living here in Toledo with Erin and Phil. He is
mainly a hunting dog but Erin wanted a dog to show in conformation too and I think Lance
fits the bill perfectly!

CH Gilnockie's Tourific - Duke is living here in Toledo with experience setter owners!  I will
be keeping an eye on him and maybe he will be making an appearance in the show ring in
the future.

CH Gilnockie's Wearing The Yellow NA NAJ  - Tricycle, now Robbie, lives in Pennsylvania
with Claudia and John and three fabulous agility dogs!  Can you guess what he aspires to
be?  The heck with agility, Robbie has a 3 point major!

Gilnockie's Tour De France - Flash is having a great time with his family here in Toledo.  
The plan is for Flash to start training in agility!

Gilnockie's Arc De Triomphe - MacGregor has defected to the great white north!  He is
living in Toronto, Canada also going to work with his new Daddy!

Gilnockie's Ride For The Roses - Rosie has gone to live in Louiseville, KY with Ann, an
experienced Gordon owner!
Carson Palmer
CH Firethorn & Sandpiper Easy On The Eyes x CH Brentwood's Recount, JH, NA, NAJ, RN
DOB:  7/20/2005
Breeder:  Sarah Armstrong