PR Camberwell Samurai Mike of Gilnochi
GC RW Shubacoons Kenworth of Highlander x GC Camberwell Not Really a Waitress
dob:  7/7/06        Color:  Brown classic tabby with white
Breeder:  Rachel Anger       Owner:  Sarah Armstrong
We said goodbye to my sweet boy.  
3/22/2009:  Today is close to 3 weeks since Samurai came.  He lives upstairs, in the safe zone.  Where the dogs can't get to him but he can come and go as he see's
fit.  Lately, at night he will venture out and come see me in my bedroom.  Yesterday he napped with me in the afternoon!

Today, after I watched The Secret Life Of Bee's, a tearjerker I will warn you!  I looked up and there was Samurai, sitting on the arm of the chair at the bottom of the

I quietly said his name as Me Me was laying on the end of the couch.  He started to come to me, but Me Me heard him and leapt off the couch and they both went
tearing upstairs.  I figured that was it for Samurai, that it might take another 3 weeks for him to make an appearance down here.

But no, he must have fooled the Gordon.  For as I could hear Me Me searching upstairs, I noticed Samurai had come back down.  He is now laying across the back of
the chair next to the fireplace.  Me Me is still upstairs wondering where he went I'm sure!  He must have run into the bathroom while she ran into his bedroom.  Smart

Now Me Me is back downstairs and has proved to me that she is the hunting dog she was bred to be!  Her nose went up right away as she smelled him near.  Didn't
take her long to find him behind the chair where he had jumped to when he heard her coming.

The dogs don't understand why the cats won't play with them.  They will pin Anni down on the floor but the worst that happens to her is an ear bath!  She gets them
back by attacking their legs when they walk past the bed.  Samurai has learned too that they won't hurt him.  He won't growl at them anymore, but I have heard a hiss or
two if they get too insistent on sticking their noses where they don't belong!

I had been told that it could take a month at least for everyone to become acclimated to each other, that seems to be holding true here.  I was worried at first that
brining in a 2 and a half year old cat was a bad idea, but now, I think he will fit in perfectly fine!   Now if I could just get him dematted!  It seems that I get one side done
and start working on the other side and then the first side is matted again.  sigh......

4/12/2009:  Today I met Samurai's breeder!  She was saddened to hear how I ended up with him, but I think pleased with me.  I was at first worried that she would ask
for him back.  He came along with Annie and I to the shows today and he did quite well!  He is such a brave big man. I want to thank everyone at the shows who gave
me advice on dematting a cat too!  I'll get to work on Samurai and hopefully he'll hit the show rings soon!