The one that almost died.  The emergency clinic asked me for her name, she
was 5 weeks old, she didn't have a name, I looked at her collar, it was a rosie
pink, Rosie, that's her name.  They took her from me and I really thought I
wouldn't see her again.  They said at 3am she jumped up and started sassing
everyone like nothing had ever happened to her!  That's my girl!  

Rosie is a riot!  She talks back, she is always ready for fun.  She has a zest for

I really wouldn't have minded if Rosie were to stay here at Gilnockie, but when
Ann bent down to see Rosie, well, I could tell it was meant to be.  Rosie sat on
Ann's feet and leaned her head back and gave Ann love bites on her chin.  Ann
said her Tess used to do that, hmmmm, do you think?  Rosie sure looked happy
to see Ann.......
Rosie's Mom sent
pictures!  She is growing
up and looking great!  I
can't wait to see her!
I looked outside into the
xpen and counted heads,
8, hm, I counted again, 8.  
I am missing a puppy.  I a
panic I go outside to find
the missing puppy,
thankfully I had my camera
with me.  She was curled
up laying in the food
bucket.  Little stinker.
CH Firethorn & Sandpiper Easy On The Eyes x CH Brentwood's Recount, JH, NA, NAJ, RN
DOB:  7/20/2005
Breeder:  Sarah Armstrong  Owner:  Ann Nevils, DVM, & Sarah Armstrong