It was hard to say goodbye to Hooey.  She had one of her Mother's traits, well, she has a
lot of Tallys traits, but this one......she would sit in the x-pen and watch me, she would
stare into my eyes, I know she was trying to tell me something, she could stare into my
soul.  She was the first born and the first to do everything.  First to climb out of the
whelping box, first to run through the tunnell, first to eat real food, first to go up stairs.  
The first to leave.  

She is a little girl with a big agenda!  She has people to see, things to do and world to
explore.  I would say to the gang, "who wants to go on an adventure?"  And Hooey would
jump up and run to the door of the x-pen!  She would woowoo at me.  Quite a talker she
is.  I will miss my little HooHoo Magoo.  She is on a grand adventure now with her new
family in Indiana.