Envey-Meow Azeri of Gilnochi
DOB:  8/1/10
GC Abizaq Brown Derby Dots x CH Envey-Meow Whiteout's Twisted Tea
Breeder:  Linda Davilla      Owners:  Linda Davilla & Sarah Armstrong
I met Linda Davilla while attending shows with my first Maine
Coon.  Later, after I had lost Annie, Linda invited me over to
see some kittens.  I took one look at the dark brown classic
tabby and my heart melted.  I was hooked when we
discovered that that beautiful kitten was a girl and not a
boy!  I loved her more and more after each visit, from the
standpoint of a show kitten and how well she met the
standard, and because she was just so darned cute!

That kitten came home with me when she was 12 weeks old
and became Zeri, Envey-Meow Azeri of Gilnochi, named
after the famed filly Azeri!