I was honored when Riina asked if she could breed her lovely Lola to Payton.  In the
first litter she got all boys.  Beautiful boys!  Luckily she had enough semen to repeat
the breeding.  She got the girls she wanted in that litter.  

It was my luck that she got two girls in that litter and is letting one come across the
pond to live with me!

Fergie is a very special puppy, not only does she have an enviable pedigree with
Spring Run/Firethorn on her father's side, and her mother goes back to my
foundation, Brentwood!  She was born on September 18.  In 2002 on that day I lost
my first Gordon Setter, Ghunnyr.  She arrives at Gilnockie on December 13.  The
countdown starts!
CH Silent North Gilnockie Do It Like This
DOB:  9/18/11

CH Spring Run N Gilnockie Feast Your Eyes RN JH x  Int. CH Showpoint Do It Again
Breeder:  Riina Loija  Owner:  Sarah Armstrong